About UBLights

Based in Country Club Hills, IL; about 20 minutes south of Chicago, UBLights was established to provide superior products to the heavy transportation industry, focusing on lights and mirrors for semi-trucks and trailers. As we grew, we found that there was a lot of need for off-road LED light bars and work lights with the same quality and durability demanded in the trucking industry. Our loyal and satisfied clients asked UBLights to design and supply their other lighting wants and needs.  This demonstrating the quality and dependability of the products that you not only can trust but also rely on.

So off we went – and created what became known as the Own the Night Platinum Series. A series that included high quality LED Light bars, work lights, Off Road Lighting, Intermodal Lighting, Top Loader Lighting, Hustler Lighting, Railroad applications and several lighting accessories.  LED’s not only provide additional lighting longevity but have also been proven to improve safety and work efficiency.  

All of our Platinum Series LED Products and Accessories are ready real world tested and ready to be put to hard use. Rugged and dependable, these are the lights you want when failure and darkness are not an option. From the open desert to a swamp, and any track in between you can rely on UBLights to be on when you need them to light the way.

This is what we call “Owning the Night.” Our LED lights are all at least IP67 rated – dustproof and water resistant – and have an expected life of 50,000 hours. Our trail-ready off road lighting throws bright, steady, white light hundreds of feet ahead of you. If you left them on 24/7, that’s 5.7 years. Seriously. We know that the trail can be rough, so everything is made of cast aluminum, shock tested, and designed to take whatever you can dish out. We believe fully that if you can drive it, we can light it. Our LED light bars project at 6500 Kelvin – simulating noon on a cloudless day. UBLights can be seen on everything from your loved Jeep or pick-up truck to the huge top loaders seen in the container ship ports across the globe.

UBLights LED Light Bars, Work Lamps, and Portable Lamps are the perfect fit for any use where bright, durable, lights are needed. UBLights offers lights that can not only strobe or flash, but have multiple colors settings such as amber and green. These colors can also strobe or flash.  Not only can we help you see the way with the UBLights improving your overall safety, they can add to the fun of any of your most loved and enjoyable hobbies. 

Our location allows for quick distribution to anywhere in the nation. In additional to our warehouse we have an extensive distributor network -  allowing you to get your ride equipped immediately. We are always looking to expand our network with companies and customers that share the same passion for success and fun as we do.  As a growing company we value every single comment and sale… We are here to help put a smile on your face.

Questions and/or comments? Our staff is ready to help! Email us at info@ublightsotn.com today!

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